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Friends, guest star gallery

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Le dieci stagioni di Friends hanno ospitato grandissime guest star. Ecco una gallery delle più famose.

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George Clooney

Adam Goldberg
guest_Adam Goldberg

Ben Stiller
guest_ben stiller

Brad Pitt

guest_brad pitt

Bruce Willis
guest_bruce willis

Charlie Sheen
guest_Charlie Sheen

Charlton Heston
guest_charlton heston

Dakota Fanning
guest_dakota fanning

Danny DeVito
guest_Danny DeVito

Elle Macpherson
guest_Elle macpherson

Giovanni Ribisi
guest_giovanni ribisi

Helen Hunt
guest_Helen Hunt

Hugh Laurie
guest_hugh laurie

Jeff Goldblum
guest_Jeff Goldblum

Julia Roberts
guest_julia roberts

Kathleen Turner
guest_kathleen turner

Reese Witherspoon
guest_Reese Witherspoon

Sean Penn
guest_sean penn

Susan Sarandon
guest_susan sarandon

Jean Claude Van Damme

Winona Ryder
guest_winona Ryder

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

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